Art Without Borders: The Visionary Works of Contemporary Artist Jérôme Peschard

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[Photo by Sawano Newell]

In the vibrant streets of Saigon, a city pulsating with dynamism and rapid transformation, Jérôme Peschard, a seasoned French artist, has found his muse and canvas. Having lived and worked in Vietnam for 12 years, Peschard’s journey from a corporate role in France to a celebrated artist in Asia is a tale of unexpected twists and profound creative evolution.

Dubbed the “Modern Gauguin of Vietnam,” Jérôme’s transformation from CEO to composite pop artist was as unexpected as it was fateful. Originally in Vietnam for a company related factory tour, he was struck by the rapid urbanization of Ho Chi Minh City and found himself nostalgic for its vanishing architectural heritage. Amidst this backdrop, Jérôme discovered his true calling to art, drawn irresistibly to the dynamic energy and rich cultural tapestry of Saigon, the city which he now calls home.

[Jérôme Peschard. Photo by Tracie May-Wagner]

Peschard’s art is distinctly characterized by his choice of materials and themes. He paints using oil on rusty corrugated iron sheets salvaged from local construction sites, a nod to the city’s ongoing metamorphosis and a statement on the impermanence of its colonial past. This choice of medium, perfect in its imperfection, embeds each piece with the essence of Ho Chi Minh City itself — its rich history, its development, and its spirited atmosphere.

[Shot at 69 Art Studio Thao Dien by Tracie May-Wagner]

Peschard’s pieces reflect a unique synthesis of pop art collage and Asian aesthetics, deeply inspired by the vibrant street scenes of historical French Indochina. His emblematic creations weave together imagery of antiquated automobiles and French colonial architecture, presenting evocative visual narratives. These pictorializations not only showcase his deep admiration for Vietnamese history and culture but also thoughtfully incorporate elements from the 1930s, 1960s, and 1980s, reflecting a rich, multilayered homage to the era’s enduring spirit.

His artistic process is both precise and innovative, blending traditional techniques with modern technology. Initially, he designs his compositions in Photoshop, ensuring every layer is perfectly aligned before transitioning to the physical canvas of metal. This hybrid approach not only allows for exacting precision but also facilitates a seamless integration of disparate elements, resulting in artworks that are visually arresting and powerful in meaning. For the final touch, neon glass light is installed onto most of his works, summarizing the painting’s theme, and transforming it into a glowing showpiece.

[All photos of paintings were shot at 69 Art Studio Thao Dien by Tracie May-Wagner]

Self-taught and deeply dedicated, Peschard’s artistic journey began at age 16. Over the decades, he has dabbled in various forms of art, from graphic and visual arts to multimedia and video games, which have all contributed to his robust understanding of artistic composition and concept. His influences are eclectic yet illustrious, drawing from comic book greats like Jack Kirby to modern art icons such as Jean Michel Basquiat and Andy Warhol.

[All photos of paintings were shot at 69 Art Studio Thao Dien by Tracie May-Wagner]

Peschard’s clientele is as diverse as his inspirations, ranging from local expatriates to international art collectors, all captivated by his innovative use of materials and vivid storytelling. By the close of 2023, 124 total paintings had reached clients across Europe & UK, Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia, Canada and the United States, and by Q4 of 2024, he is slated to deliver an additional 34 original works. Beyond his paintings and sculpture, Peschard has ventured into the gift market, crafting a collection of high-end leather bags, limited edition lacquer replicas of select paintings, home decor, silk scarves, and jewelry meant for the direct-to-consumer marketplace. His latest venture is the design and production of a capsule collection of made-to-order luxury Vietnamese Áo Dài, the traditional costume of Vietnam.

Jerome Peschard’s art is a testament to a life richly lived and creatively charged. His works are a dialogue between the past and the present, a blend of East and West, and a personal chronical that continues to evolve as he draws endless inspiration from his adopted home. As he explores new themes and forms, his commitment to storytelling through art remains undiminished, ensuring that his portfolio will continue to expand and inspire. In the bustling energy of Vietnam, Peschard not only found a home with his wife and children but has also made a significant mark with his unique artistic identity.

[Video Courtesy of Jérôme Peschard, Music – Across the Globe by Andrew Oye / Rob Khurana:]

Jérôme Peschard | 69 Art Studio Thao Dien | 69 Art Studio Hanoi | Instagram



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