LEE’D  THE WAY: A Film Everyone, Especially Politicians Should See

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Most films have a theme that they wish to express and some are effective in getting their audience stirred up, but none have really come up with actual solutions to any problems.  Eugene Mandelcorn, writer and producer of LEE’D THE WAY saw that as something that needed to be addressed.  He wanted to do something different.

Simon Twu, Richard Anderson, Eugene Mandelcorn – Lee’d The Way photo from Eugene Mandelcorn

After working on his script for many years, getting turned down by many because they didn’t know where to place the story in the marketplace, he finally managed to find the funding to do the project on a minimal budget.

Philip Lee (Simon Twu) a legally blind awkward and Autistic Asian young CPA wants to run for President because he knows that there are problems not being addressed.  However, he just doesn’t know what he is doing or how to go about it and in addition, he can only see properly when he wears a new invention, thick goggles called Nu-Eyes, which helps him see things he otherwise would not. 

Celeste SeedlingSun (Carolyn Hoyos) a Cherokee tribal leader finds Philip on a street corner trying to stir up interest in his candidacy and agrees to help him. When she sees the emblem of his micro-nation picturing a mountain lion and an owl -animals scared to the Cherokee culture, she knows she’s doing the right thing. Now she must coach him on how to talk, how to give interviews, and how to present himself. She has him interviewed by a reporter Catalina Verga (Gervrina Catalina) who believes Philip is a bit crazy.

Celeste’s mentor, Samuel BrightCloud (Johnny Vitelli) also has doubts about Patrick until he, too, sees the scared Cherokee emblem.  This boy is for real.  Together he and Celeste urge other members of their tribe and those around to support his campaign. Unfortunately, most people, including other candidates for President, believe Patrick to be a joke. Yet when he develops a possible solution for the gun controversy, the doubting Thomases must agree that Patrick is going somewhere and yes, maybe to the presidency.

Photo from Lee’d The Way, LLC

But then his ex-girlfriend Barb (Michaella Russell) rings Philip’s bell, begging to be a couple with him again but he sees through her. She wants to be First Lady.  He kicks her out just as Celeste returns from an interview.  Barb vows her revenge.

Lee’d the Way: Michaella Russell, Carolina Hoyos, Simon Twu, Julia Jay Pierrepont III, Eugene Mandelcorn, and Richard Anderson – Photo from Lee’d the Way, LLC

Yes, he runs into obstacles and problems and overcomes most of them…maybe in the sequel, we’ll see more possible solutions to problems the world faces today.   

Among other solutions that Patrick Lee offers in the film include solar-powered EV and instead of putting down his opponents, he used money donated to his campaign for other political reforms. He refused to make promises that he couldn’t keep as most politicians do.

The whole film was shot in the midst of Covid when they could only have ten people on the set at a time and many of the actors served more than one role.

Eugene Mandelcorn and Simeon Twu – photo from Lee’d The Way, LLC

The Nu Eyes goggles he uses are actually available and for use by people with sight problems. 

Eugene hopes to get international exposure. It has already won the Golden Angel Award for Best U.S. Independent Features at the Chinese-American Film Festival. 

The film was directed and executive producer Richard L Anderson with Julia Jay Pierrepont III who also was a producer and second unit director. The editor Eric Lundmark edited the film. Buffalo 8: a Bondit Company is handling worldwide distribution.

Eugene and several actors plan on being at the Los Angeles Comic-Con on December 4th (the Los Angeles Convention Center, theatre 4-11,) showing a trailer and holding a panel discussion on the future of “Solution films.” Hope to see you there!

This is a film that politicians should watch.

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  1. Interesting scenario and generally positive themes and graphics. I look forward to seeing the movie, and best of luck!

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