A First Look at ‘Vice President Kamala Harris: Chase The Dream’ Documentary

Vice President Kamala Harris: Chase the Dream is available on Amazon Prime.
Vice President Kamala Harris: Chase the Dream is available on Amazon Prime. Image courtesy of Legacy Distribution.
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The American dream is alive and well. Just ask Kamala Harris. A blending of Jamaican and Indian roots is clearly a colorful recipe for success. The road turned a bit rocky due to parental divorce when she was seven then moving to Montreal, Canada for her mother’s university hospital job. The first-born child of a California research biologist and economics professor, Harris would also defy ethnic stereotypes by earning a law degree from the University of California in 1989. From classroom to courtroom, Kamala Harris is now the first Black woman and south Asian American to serve as U.S. Vice President.

“I’m gonna tell you what my mother told me. Don’t you EVER let anyone tell you who you are. YOU tell THEM who you are,” Kamala Harris inspires supporters at a campaign rally during her campaign with Joe Biden in 2020.

Law and order was her calling. It was a career highlighted by seven years as San Francisco’s District Attorney, then six more as California’s Attorney General. Her first term in the U.S. Senate was cut short by the campaign. It makes sense that the girl who once attended services at both Black Baptist churches and Hindu temples has espoused liberal policies on minority rights, immigration, gun control and climate change. Her first name certainly fits since in Sanskrit “Kamala” means “lotus” which is a flower than can rise from deep waters and re-emerge in full bloom.

Vice President Kamala Harris: Chase The Dream is available on Amazon Prime.

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