Celebrating the true essence of giving during the holidays

Finding the good within

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Los Angeles Spiritual Advisor, Elijahu Jian, tells us why giving thanks is important… every day.

“Thanksgiving is a way to give thanks and giving to the Divine, to people, to yourself. Nobody wants wars, or division, or separation. Our need to protect ourselves is much greater than our need to fight. When the American Indians found out there was no war, they sat with the pilgrims and celebrated.

We are living in a time where few people believe in love and that’s why there are more people who celebrate war. After all, we need to blame somebody for all the pain we have.

The difficult part of removing blame and war from our lives is that we have to be in unity. When we agree that we have unity among us, we become the same. When we become the same, we fear we are losing our identity. Once we lose our identity, we have no ego. To make a very sweet drink the sugar has to dissolve. Once the sugar dissolves the drink becomes sweet. If you see the sugar at the bottom the drink won’t be sweet and it’s almost like its fighting the liquid not to be mixed with it. In our times, the diversity, lack of unity, and fights among people does not create “thanks” or “giving.” We must together find unity with people who we might not necessarily want to talk to, sit with, or have dinner with.

The word for dinner in the ancient language of Hebrew is called Seuda, which means support. This means that while we eat, we are supposed to support each other emotionally and be together.

In our days, because of all the social media, it is very hard to look one another in the eyes. Thanksgiving is about saying to ourselves that we would rather have more love towards people then we fear or hate them. We want to transform hatred and blame into love and responsibility. That is what we want to achieve because once we achieve this, the reward is loving ourselves. For that I would like to say thanks and do a lot of giving and charity for others because through that, I will be able to recognize the good within me. After all, if you don’t see the good within yourself, you can never love yourself. There are people we meet who don’t necessarily make us happy, but if we find one good thing within those people, we will be able to find one good thing within ourselves.

There’s not a more important time than now to celebrate Thanksgiving loudly.”

Eliyahu Jian began his spiritual seeking at the age of 16, studying with and assisting some of the world’s leading spiritual teachers. His lectures, mentorships, seminars and soul readings have taken him around the world, sharing his vision and guidance with his clients. He’s currently working on his fourth book while he continues translating profound spiritual wisdom into practical advice to empower others to live their happiest and most fulfilled existence. Eliyahu’s multi-faceted approach draws from over 30 years’ experience and practice, as well as the deep lineages of the Kabbalists throughout history. In addition, Eliyahu founded Vital Transformation, a nonprofit organization providing alternative and holistic health services. www.eliyahujian.com  www.vitaltransformation.org


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