A Perfect Pairing Review – Your Ideal Space, Wine and Scent

A Perfect Pairing. Photo: Therese Niedbala
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Have you ever envisioned what your dream kitchen would be? Can you dream up the aura would it have? The scents and fragrance, or even the wine you would be sampling while sitting in your fabulous kitchen?

I had the opportunity to experience this at the Perfect Pairing  event hosted by celebrity chef and designer Jaime Laurita of the TLC show Make This Place Your Home and Margaret McSweeney of the podcast Kitchenchat at the Viking and La Cornue Showroom at Merchandise Mart. Also onboard for this unique experience was sommelier Derrick C. Westbrook and ever iconic fashion house Chanel business manager and fragrance expert Liz Monroe.

The hosts of the night. Photo: Therese Niedbala

Arriving, I had to stop and take in the beautifully designed space by Jaime Laurita who was in one of the kitchens cooking and preparing a delicious smelling chocolate dish. Already aesthetically pleased, the five kitchen vignette tour soon started after an introduction and welcome to the event.

Jaime Laurita. Photo Eucarol Juarez

Laurita went through the spaces explaining the inspiration and concept for each vignette. Each piece and detail from counter style to tile was carefully thought for the prospective audience and shopper. Featured were not only indoor kitchens but also outdoor-possible rooftop kitchen and a one of 6 limited edition French appliance brand,  La Cornue cooker designed by French artist Kongo.

Photos: Eucarol Juarez

To compliment these dream kitchens, Derrick C. Westbrook a gave attendees a taste of either a French or Spanish inspired wine at each vignette. Liz Monroe presented the fragrance paired with the taste while also explaining the creation process. They explained how the notes, smell of things and taste pair with the personality in the kitchen. This is not something that I ever thought of before, and it intrigued me. Your scent and wine preference can set the mood and feeling of a space.

Photo: Eucarol Juarez

For the the upcoming holidays you might want to try some of these pairings for your gatherings or even for a quiet relaxing time at home. As I learned from this experience, your senses have an important role in your ideal space.

Don’t wear Chanel because it reminds you of your Mom? Or haven’t tried a new fragrance because you already found “your scent”?  Monroe says that you do not have to have just one signature scent. What your nose finds pleasing can change over time or even for different occasions. You can even consider your lifestyle and habits to find a new scent.  Chanel has many fragrances that someone can choose and find appealing.

Fragrance: Blue pure parfum Photo: Eucarol Juarez

To see all these amazing vignettes, they are located at the Merchandise Mart in Suite 137 at 222 W. Merchandise Mart Plaza in Chicago, Il.

For wine served and Chanel fragrances featured at this event, see below. Here’s to finding your perfect pairing!

Wine: Thomas Fogarty 2015 Gewurztraminer, Monterey County

Fragrance: Chance Eau Tendre


Wine: Ch. Auney l’Hermitage 2015 ‘Cuvee Cana’ Graves Blanc AOC

Fragrance: N5 L’eau


Wine: Montenidoli, Toscana Rosso (2016)

Fragrance: Allure Homme


Wine: Yves Cuilleron 2016 ‘Les Vignes d’a Cote’ Roussanne

Fragrance: Coco Mademoiselle


Wine: Alvaro Palacios 2017 ‘Camins del Priorat’ Priorat DOCa

Fragrance: Blue de Chanel pure Parfum


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