Atrium Alonissos Hotel review – A place full of positive energy!

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Greece has so many islands. Some of them are very well know, while some others are not that much. An island I personally adore, that is full of energy and is not that well know is Alonissos. It belongs to the Sporades group of islands and is located above Evoia and near Skiathos. Alonissos is know – for those who do know this island – for the Seal Preservation Refuge. It is one of the last ecological paradises in the Mediterranean Sea. There, I had the pleasure to stay at a hotel with the most breathtaking view of the island, Atrium Alonissos hotel.
Atrium Alonissos hotel was very easy to find and with a good parking spot for us that we took our car with, since it is a long drive from the mainland before you reach the boat that will take you there. The sweetest girl at the reception welcomed us and lead us to our room. Needless to say that all rooms have a sea view which it is indeed mesmerizing. I do need to point out here also, that the smell in our room and the whole hotel of course, was unbelievable. Freshness and pure cotton notes where all around us. One of the most clean and well perfumed hotels I have ever visited – and I have visited a lot!
The next few days we decided to go around the island and do lots of activities. Atrium Alonissos hotel organised for us a hiking trip and a magical visit to the Sea Park, where the seals are. A must visit when there! The Sea Park is a place for many orphan baby seals, too, and is a part of the MedPAN – Network of Marine Protected Areas in the Mediteranean. Every single day we went to the beach and enjoyed the crystal clear turquoise waters of this island. Leftos Gialos, Xrisi Milia and Kokkinokastro are my top three. The water is a bit chill but once you get in, you are not going to want to get out! At night, most times we walked up to the top of the main village called Chora and enjoyed the atmosphere of positivity of the people and the place. And this is not just my feeling. It is explained geologically. Under Alonissos there is a fault line, a crack in the earth that emits all these vibes. While on the island we wondered around and did some shopping, too. “Loulaki” in Patitiri village and “Gaia” in Chora were my favourite stores to buy memorable island gifts from!
Just visit this island and let yourself feel the energy …


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