Bachelor Alum Nick Viall – Puts His Best Face Forward at Face Haus USC

Former Bachelor, Nick Viall gets hist first facial at Face Haus USC. Photo Credit: Vivien Killilea
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Former Bachelor, Nick Viall gets hist first facial at Face Haus USC. Photo Credit: Vivien Killilea

Let’s face it, we always try to put our best face forward! Face puns aside, there is a new facial bar in the market that is literally changing the industry. Co-founded in 2013 by Karey Burke, Dawn Olmstead, and Jenn Worley, Face Haus delivers “facials for the people,” and has officially opened its latest location in Downtown Los Angeles at the chic USC Village!

Face Haus uses top-tier skincare brands, innovative techniques for all services. Customers can choose from both signature and custom facials starting at $65.00 with a prime upgraded facial that incorporates exclusive products from Dr. Lancer (known for his work with A-list celebs like: Kim Kardashian, Oprah, Jennifer Aniston, and Ellen to name a few) and microdermabrasion. If the Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle can rave about his work, then I’m here for it!

Face Haus Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer Jenn Worley sat down with us for a Q&A about the future of Face Haus and the Launch of their new location at USC Village.

Why did Face Haus choose USC as a location for opening?

In our first three Face Haus locations we targeted neighborhood blocks where we knew we
could rely on foot traffic and mixture of young professionals and families. We felt it was
important to be surrounded by like-minded brands and a community. As we have been “facials
for the people” since we launched in 2013, it seemed appropriate that we diversify our locations
to include even more people. USC Village approached us, and we thought it would be a great fit for the brand.

Can you tell us why the nation should know about Face Haus and what sets you apart
from your competitors?

What truly sets us apart from our competitors is our open concept, our accessibility and us
affordability- all without compromise in quality of services. We are extremely invested in
innovation and are backed by consulting dermatology legend Dr. Harold Lancer. Our products
and services are on par with the highest priced spas- at roughly a third the price. Our open
concept also creates a space a new model- that now shifts the traditional spa facial experience
to one that is social, lively and feels great to be in. You will never hear whale sounds or elevator
tunes- great music, and you can come with friends, host parties, and not be isolated in a dark
private room.

What can the nation do to get a little piece of what Face Haus has to offer?

Love the face you see in the mirror every day! Our Haus beliefs are: Diversity is beautiful. Go
Natural. Everyday face care for all. Our haus is your haus. Do good, be good.

Founders Karey Burke and Jennifer Worley Open up their 4th location; Face Haus USC. Photo Credit: Vivien Killilea

What will separate the USC Location from the others in Los Angeles?

There are a few new and exciting additions at USC Village that our other Hauses don’t have some pretty striking new design elements, improvements to our beauty bar, and a few fun
surprises too.

What 3 services would you recommend to a teenager, adult, and elder at Face Haus?

Services are all very personal to individuals and while our Haus Menu is broken down into an
awesome collection- it’s also a custom conversation with your esthetician at the beginning of every facial that will determine what’s best for your skin and goals. Some of our most popular facials would be “Spotless Reputation”, “Teen Spirit”, “Keep Glowing”, “Haus Special” and Dr. Lancer’s “United We Smooth”. Our new Lightstim LED add-on has been a huge success as well incredible results and price are a fraction of the cost at high-end spas.

What does ‘facials for the People’ stand for?

The concept of the “Haus” and “Facials for the People” emerged in the earliest brainstorm sessions Karey, Dawn and I had. The focus was on reimagining the luxury, elite spa model. We wanted a unisex, high design, open concept and open minded “haus”, where everyone was welcome and the neither the space or the cost was an intimidation.

Menu of Services! Photo Credit: Vivien Killilea

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