Cerveza Bocanegra – The Flavorful Mexican Beer Makes Its U.S. Debut

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Cerveza Bocanegra has been pouring their two beers in Mexico since 2012 and now you can find both beers in Los Angeles and New York. The Mexican Pilsner and the Dunkel Weizen were created to give Mexico a more elevated beer experience and now those wonderful flavors are going to be enjoyed in the United States as well.

(L) Guillermo, (C) Sergio

Bocanegra’s co-founders Sergio “Checo” Elias Gutierrez and Guillermo Gonzalez Beristain were in Los Angeles at Hedley & Bennett on June 27th so guests could find out how perfectly their beers paired with some of the best Mexican you could imagine.

“Many of the beers we serve in Mexico are like the white bread of beer. We thought with more effort, better ingredients and a better recipe, we could create a beer that was the same quality of food that is served at some of the great restaurants in Mexico,” Chef Guillermo said.

Bocanegra Pilsner paired with seafood

“We want Cerveza Bocanegra to be the flagship beer of what is happening in Mexico right now. The Mexico right now is not the same Mexico it was 45 years ago. We did not have the same culture or culinary, it is like we are stepping up and now we have this great commercial big beer from Mexico and Bocanegra does it very well. We have the quality, the talent and the passion, Mexico can have their own Stella,” Sergio said.

Each Bocanegra beer has a pairing specialty that can elevate any dining experience. The pilsner is perfect with seafood, pasta or any ligher fare or simply just a great beach beer to enjoy under the sun. The Dunkel is a flavorful dark beer that goes with the Mexican specialty dish mole, a steak or any rich chocolate dessert.

Chef Katsuji Tanabe

“You enjoy the best beer in the world with a minimum wage, it is just three dollars. That is the greatness about it, you can have the best of something in the world and actually afford it. You can’t do that with wine, tequila or whiskey, beer is the most affordable luxury in the world,” Sergio said.

For more information, visit: Cerveza Bocanegra

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