Nuit Blanche – A Tantalizing Night To Remember

Photo Credit: Kella Photography
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Kella Photography

Some may define Nuit Blanche as a ‘sleepless night,’ however in Los Angeles its taken a new meaning! Nuit Blanche challenges your inhibitions and triggers your senses both on and off the plate. 

Once you step into the Carondelet house history comes to life as you transport back to 1920s. The venue itself was built in 1928 and has since been an remarkable untouched gem of Los Angeles that holds many layers, and not to mention secrets, of a city that never sleeps.
Kella Photography
Step inside an unassuming brick wall and enter the smoky ambiance of the roaring 1920s – where jazz and the charleston were EVERYTHING! You’ll immediately be given a glass of champagne and if champagne is not your thing, you can wander to the fully stocked bar and partake in whiskey, abinsthe or your drink of choice (or cigars) – pick your vice!
As the room fills up and anticipation heightens you’ll be given a quick moment to relax and unwind and feel truly liberating and let your mind wander. Once the evening is about to kick off the ring leader will beckon attendees to make their way to the main dining room. The room itself is filled with a jazz ensemble in the back and two long family style tables for all to gather around. 
Kella Photography
Lights dim, palates ready – it’s time for the show! This isn’t your average night out. Throughout the 5-course dinner dancers tap and dance around your seats as if you are part of the show itself. From burlesque, mimes, and plenty of jazz the evening is filled with the utmost amount of class, sexiness, and questionable decisions. 
After dinner guests are invited to explore the rest of the house and a taste of voyeurism. In lieu of spoiling any further, check it out for yourself while tickets are still available. Click HERE to sign up for tickets!
Kella Photography
From the high ceilings, the urban architecture, expansive rooms, exposed brick walls an evening at Nuit Blanche at The Carondelet house is an evening to remember.

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