Twohey’s Tavern Review – Undeniable Flavors of the Past

Chef Travis Limoge of Twohey's Tavern! Serving a Piece of Nostalgia with Every Bite! Photo Credit: acuna-hansen


Chef Travis Limoge of Twohey’s Tavern! Serving a Piece of Nostalgia with Every Bite! Photo Credit: acuna-hansen​​​​​​​

As many of us know there isn’t a shortage of good restaurants in Los Angeles. However, there are very few that take you back to a nostalgic time of your life. The restaurant of tomorrow, Twohey’s Tavern, recently opened its doors in Pasadena, California.

From Greg Mallis and Tanya and Jim Christos, the three family members that keep the original Twohey’s name alive at the iconic 75-year-old Twohey’s Restaurant in Alhambra, which is a piece of Los Angeles history from the era of the Historic Route 66. With a tantalizing menu that playfully calls back to the classic All-American diner, Twohey’s Tavern.

A lively new restaurant that pays tribute to the classic American diner, Twohey’s Tavern is no greasy spoon, but a cutting-edge hub of equally progressive and enduring flavors profiles. “The foodscape has changed dramatically,” explains Director of Operations Tom Anderson. “Chef Travis Limoge executes an elevated interpretation of nostalgic meals while honoring timeless and contemporary cooking techniques with a commitment to seasonality, bringing each guest a new experience in a modern tavern setting.

The Best Fried Chicken You’ll Ever Try! Don’t Skimp on the Honey! Photo Credit: acuna-hansen

A few bloggers and foodie lovers were invited to check the scene prior to its opening. The environment provides a clean yet chic scene while enjoying foods that are a step up from your average. The burger is sheer perfection as each burger delivers a robust patty made of a special custom Premium Angus Beef Blend! It’s moist and full of flavor without heavy sauces weighing it down, which is a nice change of pace. The fried chicken, paired with Bill’s Bees wildflower honey was and other notable item. Not too much batter or too less, the fried chicken was complete with its in-house made pickle spears and Fresno hot sauce, (which is soaked in chilled and vinegar for 2 months.)

We Won’t Judge if You Eat Dessert First! Photo Credit: acuna-hansen

Be sure to leave room for dessert! The Banana Split, features homemade banana ice cream, banana brûléeTwohey’s bittersweet fudge, candied almonds, and whipped cream, which is also made in-house.

You’ll Need Both Hands for This One! Photo Credit: acuna-hansen

The dining menu and Bar menu are equally impressive. Cocktail Consultant Patrick Tang is keeping things shaking and stirring for the Cocktail Menu. As the opening Bar Director at Otium in Downtown Los Angeles, Tang received first-rate tutelage from Julian Cox and Joshua Goldman. Today, Tang is mixing and pouring behind the bar at The Rose Cafe in Venice and he has also stepped behind the stick at Twohey’s Tavern to create a playful and delicious new cocktail list. “For Twohey’s Tavern, I have created fun and approachable cocktails while tipping my hat at Pasadena itself.” Cocktails such as: The Rose Bowl, Old Town, The Old Fashion, Into the Wild, El Pomelo, Bobbing for Apples, and A Million Bucks — to name a few.

Cocktail Consultant Patrick Tang! Photo Credit: acuna-hansen

Whether it’s the peach preserves and ham or the in-house Fresno chiles Chef Limoge takes a classic dish and makes it unique. The style is admirable and the flavors are undeniable. Twohey’s Tavern is simply irresistible.


Twohey’s Tavern is open for Dinner every Sunday through Thursday from 5:00 pm to 10:00 pm and the Bar is open from 5:00 pm to 11:00 pm. Twohey’s Tavern is open for Dinner every Friday and Saturday from 5:00 pm to 11:00 pm and the Bar is open from 5:00 pm to 12:00 Midnight. For more information or reservations, please visit or call Twohey’s Tavern directly at 626.449.2337.

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